AG Appliance Repairs also installs new appliances in and around the Detroit area. Whether you need help installing a new fridge, oven, dishwasher or anything else, give us a call!  Our experienced technicians will ensure that your appliance is up and running and quickly as possible.

Professional installation of an appliance may seem like a luxury expense, however, incorrect installation of an appliance can lead to repairs that far exceed the cost of installation.  Incorrect installation of appliances can lead to property damage due to leaks or mold and could also result in damage of your product.  Protect your business and investment by hiring our technicians to install your new oven, range, refrigerator, ventilation system, or other type of equipment. Our service warranty will give you the peace of mind that your appliance will be installed to the best of our ability and will be ready to use.   From air-conditioning and heating units to ice machines and steamers, our seasoned technicians will finish the job quickly and accurately.

Without prior experience, appliance installation can be incredibly frustrating, especially on a deadline.  Avoid the stress of an installation and subsequent repairs and call AG Appliance Repairs at (248) 892-2349 to schedule a time for an experienced appliance technician to install your appliance.