We have had two major appliances that needed repair, our refrigerator freezer was not getting cold, we tried to contact the manufacturer to get information, however, all they did was quote an extremely high price over the phone based on what I thought the problem was. I then called AG Appliance Repair, and they sent out a knowledgeable technician that took care of the problem in a short period of time, and I paid a much lower price than what I was quoted over the phone by the manufacturer. So when my dryer had a problem, the first place I called was AG Appliance Repair again, the same technician came out and repaired the dryer and left me with information to keep the same problem from happening again. If you are in need of excellent service and a reasonable price, call AG Appliance!!

When my refrigerator was on the blink AG Appliance responded quickly. I appreciated their fast and reliable service. Thanks AG!